The myth revised

Goska Isphording - harpsichord
Mendel Hardeman - video & stage act
Philip Curtis- direction

The program Harpsichorpheus, which came as a result of collaboration between Goska Isphording and composer and cineaste Mendel Hardeman. This collaborative project was inspired by Louis Andriessen's Overture to Orpheus, the piece which already numerously was accompanied by choreography and video. The new composition of Jasna Velickovic, harpsichord, video are the new interpreters in the story of Orpheus.

  • Louis Andriessen
    Overture to Orpheus, 1982
  • Hanna Kulenty
    E for E, 1991
  • Marzena Komsta
    Primaire...humain, 2002
  • Jasna Velickovic
    Sysif's Song, 2002 premiere


The Roentgen Connection

The Roentgen Connection was founded in March 2002 by Karolina Bäter (Germany) and Goska Isphording (Poland/The Netherlands) in order to play contemporary chamber music on their historical instruments. The imagination of Roentgen's x-rays as the ability to see through all musical material was from the beginning on the leading thread running through the project. The contrast between the somehow archaic instruments recorder and harpsichord and extremely modern music seemed like a challenge to the young musicians. The plan was to deliberate these instruments from their historical context. Very quickly the experiment appeared to be very successful and promising.

In August 2002 the Roentgen Connection took part in the 'International Penderecki Competition for Modern Chamber Music' in Krakow/Poland where received first prizes in three categories (solo and duo).
Their participation in the 'International Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition' in Rotterdam in March 2003 ended successfully with a fourth place.

The large scope of the Roentgen Connection repertoire, ranging from minimal music to electronic music challenges them to search for extended techniques. Taking up these challenges, expanding the repertoire and the possibilities of the instruments are founding principles of the Roentgen Connection.
Hollandse Nieuwe...

  • Maarten Altena
    new work
  • Guus Janssen
    Footnote 1, 1987
  • Michael Smetanin
    new work
  • Guy Harries
    Stratos, 2003
  • Matthias Konecny
    Get high tonight, 2001
  • Steve Reich
    Claping music, 1972
  • Peter Hannan
    Windows, 1989
  • Hanna Kulenty
    E for E, 1991

Viola da Gamba &


Two dynamic instruments which are being enthusiastically discovered by contemporary composers and played on top-level by Goska Isphording and Karin Preslmayr. A new intriguing dimension is discovered in modern chamber music.

Karin Preslmayr specializes in contemporary music on the viola da gamba after having studied with Mieneke van der Velden and Wieland Kuijken. Her ambition is to introduce this instrument as being "modern and up-to-date" by giving concerts solo and in ensembles like the Atlas consort (Theo Loevendie) and Axys Ensemble.

  • Eero Hämeenniemi
    Fantazia in G (1998)
    vdg / hps
  • Emily Doolittle
    Music for magpies (2003)
    vdg (quartertone fretted gamba)
  • Jukka Tiensuu
    Musica ambigua (1996-1998):
    vdg /hps
  • Rene Uijlenhoet
    new work
    vdg / live electronics
  • Henry Vega
    Ssolo (2002)
    vdg / live electronics
  • Ewa Trebacz
    Chordochromies (2003)
    hps/ tape
  • Willem Jeths
    Bella Figura (2003)
    vdg (transc.)
  • Anna Jedrzejewska
    Elementaries (2001/2003)
    vdg / hps / tape